Friday, September 26, 2008


Lucky me - I think have caught a stomach bug.  Ugh.  The good news is that I have the most awesome husband E-V-E-R and he let me rest all day while he watched our three-year-old.  He even made me soup and brought it to me in bed.  Awww.  :)
So, as I have laid in bed all day I have come to realize something.  We need a family schedule.  It was easier when my husband, Jason, was working as a school teacher.  We got up early, got him to work and my son and I had our little routine during the day until Jason came home.  Then it was dinner, a little TV, and then bed.  But now that Jason works from home in the studio, it's a little more tricky.  We don't have to be up at a specific time, so we end up going to bed whenever we feel like it.  Which is usually ridiculously late.  We are lucky if we happen to sneak  in a nap time for our son - which means his schedule is off, too.  So, I think this weekend we need to have a family meeting regarding our schedules... well, actually our lack of any schedule at all really.  We also need to work on getting this house organized, but trust me, that is a WHOLE other topic.  A long, cluttered topic.  Honestly.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


"Change" has become quite the buzzword lately... 
Monday was officially the first day of fall.  I love fall.  I am not a warm weather person, and living in Texas near the Gulf is just about torture for me during the summer months.  I am always so excited when fall comes around.  Even though the weather doesn't really start to get cool until mid-November here, at least I know it's coming.  It will be here soon.  EXCITING!  Change is definitely in the air.
Despite the tragic start to our summer, our family has had some incredible experiences and adventures these past three months.  Benjamin flew on a plane for the first time (which, to be honest, I was completely dreading... but he proved my worries to be totally unfounded - he was fantastic from take-off to landing).  We traveled into Canada and visited Niagara Falls.  It was magical.  Nature is awesome.  Just recently, my husband - a long-time Yankees fan - got to see one last game in Yankee Stadium (he also worked in a Mets game while he was there.)  We survived a hurricane and our city was host to some 3,500 evacuees.  Aside from gas and grocery shortages, we were so lucky.  
Changes are taking place in our home as well.  My husband went from being a full-time elementary teacher to a full-time artist.  A few days ago, we traded in our car for an SUV - we needed the room and our car was starting to have issues.  I am still getting used to the size - curbs are particularly tricky for me. 
I have decided to spend more time with my blog, explore new hobbies and find things that interest me.  I always loved my photography classes and I think with a little practice, I could actually be good.  Not like "open my own photography business" good, but more like "wow, you take fantastic family photos" good.  My husband bought me a MacBook Air with some sweet movie and photo editing software - so I plan to learn how to use all of it and get my creative, photo-taking vibe on.
We had a great summer.  We are excited about fall and all the changes it will bring.
Change... I'm ready.