Friday, September 26, 2008


Lucky me - I think have caught a stomach bug.  Ugh.  The good news is that I have the most awesome husband E-V-E-R and he let me rest all day while he watched our three-year-old.  He even made me soup and brought it to me in bed.  Awww.  :)
So, as I have laid in bed all day I have come to realize something.  We need a family schedule.  It was easier when my husband, Jason, was working as a school teacher.  We got up early, got him to work and my son and I had our little routine during the day until Jason came home.  Then it was dinner, a little TV, and then bed.  But now that Jason works from home in the studio, it's a little more tricky.  We don't have to be up at a specific time, so we end up going to bed whenever we feel like it.  Which is usually ridiculously late.  We are lucky if we happen to sneak  in a nap time for our son - which means his schedule is off, too.  So, I think this weekend we need to have a family meeting regarding our schedules... well, actually our lack of any schedule at all really.  We also need to work on getting this house organized, but trust me, that is a WHOLE other topic.  A long, cluttered topic.  Honestly.

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