Tuesday, February 17, 2009

:: Hair's To A Great Cause ::

my apologies for the silly pun...

So, I was going to tell you all about this back in November of last year. But then I thought about it and I was afraid it might come across a little braggadocios.  Like "hey, look at me and the awesome thing I did! Aren't I great?!"
But I was cleaning off my dresser the other day and came across the thank-you card I got, and I decided that I would share this with you. It's a great cause and I don't know how many people actually know about it.
As you know, my Mother-in-Law lost her brave battle with cancer last June.  I remember when she first started chemo and began losing her hair.  She had a really incredible attitude about it. She said she looked forward to wearing wigs again like she did in the 60's.   I tried to imagine how I would cope with losing all of my hair.  I have an unnatural attachment to my hair.  The thought of losing my hair made me panic.
When my son was born in November 2004, I went and got my hair cut into a bob just above my shoulders.  Then I let it grow.  Aside from a few trims throughout the years, I never cut it.  It grew.  And grew.  And grew. Until I had a head of hair all one length that reached my lower back.  It was very Marsha Brady.
So, in November 2008 I decided that I was going to donate my hair in memory of my Mother-in-Law.  I was able to donate about 14 inches of hair.  And I have to say, I was really proud of myself, not just for donating my hair, but for being able to do it.  Like I said, I have an unnatural attachment to my hair.  So, having it cut off was a big deal for me. But after I did it, all I could think was why didn't I do this sooner?! I love my new haircut. No more Brady Bunch hair for me, thank you.

Locks of Love turns donations of human hair into wigs for children. Most children who receive wigs from Locks of Love suffer from an autoimmune disease called alopecia areata, which has no known cause and unfortunately no known cure.  Other recipients are cancer survivors, victims of trauma such as burns and rare dermatological conditions that result in permanent hair loss. 
I am so glad I was able to help.  And I am thankful to my Mother-in-Law for the inspiration to do so.  
For more information about Locks of Love, visit their website at www.locksoflove.org.  

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