Sunday, February 28, 2010

Let's Shake This Up a Bit, Y'all...

You know, I've been mulling it over for a while, and I think I might just change the direction of this here blog of mine. I still want to post family updates and photos and all that groovy stuff, but I am wanting to change the focus a bit. You see, I'm really working on making some changes in my life and I just feel that maybe my blog should reflect these improvements I'm working so hard to accomplish. They are baby steps, but each one I take gets me that much further along in my journey. So, I guess this post begins my quasi road trip to a better me.... and yes, I realize how absurd that sounds. But hey, it could be fun. Or a complete train wreck... stick around and find out which one.
Oh, and one more thing... for those of you that know me personally, and I mean *really* know me, you know that I sport a bit of a potty mouth. I have really tried to keep my obscenities out of my blog in respect for those readers (and family) who would have been offended by such vulgarity, but let's face it, the "shit's" and "damn's" and "bitches" are staples of my vocabulary. They are part of my feminine charm. So, I'm warning you now, they will find their way into some of my upcoming posts. And yes, working on my "colorful" language is going to be one of those "baby steps" I take in the future, but for now, hang in there and forgive me.
So, the first post of my new blog "season" is on its way. And here's a teaser for ya.... it has to do with my really shitty money management issues and my being too damn lazy to cook at home more than once a week. That's right folks... I am tackling my family's take-out and fast food addiction. Riveting blog matter, right? Oh yeah.... this is gonna be a blast.

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