Sunday, April 10, 2011

Incredible & Edible

My favorite food is an egg. Boiled, scrambled, poached, baked or fried it doesn't matter - I love eggs. LOVE eggs. (My second favorite food is an avocado, but that's another post.)
I am always looking for new ideas and recipes that use eggs. I especially love eggs and toast, but in my opinion, if you're gonna eat toast with eggs, the yolk HAS to be runny. It just has to. So, yesterday afternoon I was watching all of the "Mad Hungry" episodes I had recorded this past week. I never get the chance to watch them during the week, so as soon as I can wrestle the remote from my 6 year-old's sticky little hands and turn off Spongebob... I finally get some quality time with my DVR.
Now, I record a ton of cooking and food shows, but I have to say my new favorite is "Mad Hungry" with Lucinda Scala Quinn. It comes on right after Martha Stewart on the Hallmark Channel, and I think what I love most about LSQ (that's what I call her) is that she makes "real" food - stuff I would actually cook myself. And she uses 3, maybe 4 utensils in the kitchen - one of which is a cast iron skillet (which I had to run out and buy once I started watching her show). She also uses this simple little wooden-spatula hybrid thingy and a Le Creuset pot. I am fairly certain that with these 3 things, you could cook anything. Seriously.
One of the Mad Hungry shows last week had to do with foods/recipes for those feeling under the weather or for when you or your family just need a little comforting. She made this ahhh-mazing chicken broth recipe you can turn into Tortilla Soup, but that, too, is another post. One of the dishes she made was nothing more than buttered, toasted bread with a 4-minute egg over it. That's it. So this morning when I walked into the kitchen I saw we had maybe 5 slices of bread left and I knew we had eggs, so I thought, eh - why not try it. It was wonderful. It was simple and filling and perfect. The plus side... we didn't spend money on sub-par fast food. I love that such a simple, average egg-on-toast breakfast can make you feel good about taking the time to make something for your family. I highly recommend checking out the "Mad Hungry" show on Hallmark and taking a look at the awesome blog here:

4-Minute Eggs over Buttered Toast
(Oh yeah, and Sriracha sauce.. 'cause it's awesome.)

A little side note on my photos.... the camera on my Blackberry is crappy. But I'm lazy and use my phone instead of dragging out the Canon and downloading photos. Plus I was hungry and couldn't wait.

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