Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Baby is 4... I Can't Believe It!

I seriously cannot believe my little boy is four years old.  
Time really is precious... it goes by so quickly. 

Benjamin loves Mexican food, and since I am a sucker for theme parties, I thought it would be fun to throw him a Birthday Fiesta.  So we did.  Complete with sombreros, maracas and tacos. It was a blast.  
I decided to rent a huge jumping castle (yes, the "Jupiter Jump" for all of you inflatable jumping castle fans) and I also rented a bubble machine. That was actually more for me... I just thought it sounded fun.
So, the day of Ben's party turned out cold.  Very cold.  And windy.  And not just a little windy... more like hurricane force winds windy.  It was insane.  I kept waiting for the Jupiter Jump to rip free from its stakes and float away with the kids still inside.  We had rented tables and chairs so that we could all sit outside.  Those were rendered completely useless once the wind gusts started, so we basically just sat in the dining room and looked out the window at the kiddos jumping in the castle.  The near-frozen kiddos jumping in the castle trying to stay warm. The wind also made the bubble machine fairly useless, too. Once you turned it on, the wind just whipped the bubbles around the backyard and they would hit the kids in the face and head and pop instantly. And apparently bubbles sting when they pop in your eye. Just ask one of the poor kids who was attacked by a wayward bubble.  Poor kids.
But you know, despite the crazy weather, I think everyone had a good time.  We had family and close friends here to celebrate Ben's special day, and that was nice.  Plus, not one kid blew away, froze or was permanently blinded by bubble solution.  So, I guess Ben's birthday was a huge success. 
Oh, and the day after Ben's party... perfectly sunny, warm day - and absolutely no wind at all.

For more pics from Ben's party, just follow this link...

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