Tuesday, September 1, 2009

:: So Long, Summer ::

Goodbye August! I don't want to see you or your stinkin' 100-degree days for at least another year.
I must say, I am happy to see this summer coming to an end. We set weather records here almost every day, and having over 50 days with temps reaching well into the 100's is no fun. It was the hottest summer on record for our area... we beat the previous record from way back in 1916. Boo.
As you all know, my favorite season is fall. I cannot wait for fall to get here. Can. Not. Wait. I'm so ready. I seriously love fall. Seriously.
I was going through some photos on my computer, and I came across pics from our trip to the Dallas World Aquarium. We all had a super fun time. Well, we all had a super fun time, except for Benjamin. He was in a bad mood the entire day. He was only happy once we got to the gift shop, where he scored a neat little faux aquarium with plastic fish.

Granny Weez, Ben and a Big Scary Shark

Ben Before the Gift Shop

Ben After the Gift Shop

We didn't do too much traveling this summer, but we did spend a couple of weeks with my parents, which was nice. I enjoyed having a lazy summer. Compared to last year, this summer season was much more quiet and restful. But I am ready for some change. Nicer weather and busier schedules... sounds good to me.
One of the biggest changes for me this fall is that I will begin a new job! An actual job. I know... Me. Working. Crazy right? It's a part-time job in social service, and I am super excited about it. It will be fun, and the work is right up my alley. After five years at home raising my little man, I am looking forward to being around other adults for a few hours a day.
I hope all of you had a wonderful summer, too. And thanks for following all of my adventures...


~Just B said...

Grumpy Ben sure is cute though!!!

Melanie said...

i know! grumpy ben makes me laugh, which explains why i would buy him a waaay overpriced toy from the gift shop, that he played with for maybe two days, then forgot about. i could not get him to pose for pics - my mom had to grab him and hold him while jason snapped the shot of them in front of the sharks. four year olds... they are so dramatic. :)