Saturday, October 3, 2009

:: Oops... I Just Stepped in Some Art! ::

Last night was 'Art Step' in Downtown Bryan. I don't actually know why it's called 'Art Step', since most other cities call the same type of event an 'Art Walk'. Art Walk sounds better to me than Art Step. But hey, what's in a name, right?
My husband has some of his original works hanging in a cafe/gallery for the month of October. Since last night was also his opening, the three of us went to check out the night life and have some fun.
I love walking around downtown. My parents grew up in Bryan and I love seeing all the places they would visit when they were young. There has been a huge downtown revitalization movement, and there are new businesses and attractions that make the area a lot of fun. There's the Carnegie Library my mother and aunt went to when they were kids, the Queen Theater where my parents would go to see movies, and old bank buildings and pharmacies my mom remembers visiting when she was young. I think that's why I like living here. I grew up in San Angelo, where my parents relocated when my dad was working for GTE. Before that we lived in Dallas, so it means a lot to me to be in the community where my parents lived when they were kids, went to school, met and married. Not to mention I still have a ton of family in the area. Here are some photos from last night:

My hubby took this photo. It's one of the buildings that has been remodeled
and now is home to a restaurant and some cool apartment flats.

Busy street corner in downtown.

Some ladies spinning thread. On the other side of them was a
woman working on a weaving loom. It was fascinating to watch.

My hubby's works. Lots of happy fish...

More colorful fishies...

Ben hanging out in front of some of my hubby's abstracts.

The downtown area is beautiful at night.

The Palace Theater. My parents saw 'Rosemary's Baby' here when it was first released. Several years ago, the exterior walls collapsed, so they added a huge outdoor awning and kept it as a theater. My hubby had an art show on the stage during 'Art Step' last year.

My hubby took this. Another remodeled building and an incredible moon.

Just a nice inspirational song playing on the radio on our way home.
We had a great evening.

If you want to check out more of my hubby's works, then take a peek at his website:

I hope all of you are enjoying your weekend!

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